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Well its been a long time since we have updated the site so here goes…

We had a busy 2009 with some new projects which slowed down the DTB site. We started 2009 off with filling the Dunk Tank with Gunge rather than water. This went down very well and we even had some guys come along and have a go in the tank themselves.  Back in the summer we did manage to squeeze in a couple of shoots for DTB and we introduced Helen and Mach to Dunk Tank Babes. Both girls very bravely faced the Dunk Tank outside with no heated water. This was a fun shoot and the girls really enjoyed themselves. We also had Little Hayley as our quizmaster for these shoots, Little Hayley had great pleasure in dunking the girls as often as she could and on many of the shoots this was well into double figures.

We also had the lovely Keely and Chrissy back for a day, we shot quite a few scenes with the girls including a Tennis Dress scene where the girls go exploring around the garden after playing tennis and find the Dunk Tank. You can guess what happens next. We also shot a very good clip with Chrissy who was wearing white trowsers and a white top with no bra, the whole outfit goes very see through. Both girls suffered the cold water as Mach and Helen did and also with Little Hayley as the quizmaster they were guaranteed many dunkings.

In the autum, we shot some trial messy videos for our new website , www.wamextreme.com . This went well and we will be producing some more in the new year along with some new Wet Look videos that don`t involve the dunk tank. On that note, that brings us to Decemeber where Malc and I spent a day down in Sunny Kent, or was it cold and wet kent, shooting another pilot video for the new site. This involved a swimming pool, some boats and some underwater shots. The shoot went well however there were many issues we need to resolve, not least in trying out a new pool with better lighting and a larger surround ! Watch this space as Malc and I will be on our travels in the new year ready to bring you some new material.

We will also be shooting some new DTB videos in the new year, returning to the studio and hopefully brining you some new girls.

Happy New Year to you all and if you haven`t already seen the new videos, check out the download store, www.dunktankdownload.com 



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